Sustainability related disclosures

Taking responsibility today and tomorrow

At Celero Capital we are aware of the crucial role companies play in creating and shaping thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient communities for both this generation and generations to come. As an owner of companies, Celero Capital represents an important part in driving this development and positive change. Hence, we have committed to reducing our impact on the environment, promoting diversity and ensuring transparency. We will keep being innovative and generate lasting value for society and our stakeholders by honoring those values.

ESG is at the heart of our investment strategy, and we are convinced that best-in-class ESG practices will benefit all stakeholders, from our investors to the societies we operate in, both today and tomorrow. For this reason and to ensure we consistently strive for excellence, we have proactively made various commitments and embraced a diverse array of ESG frameworks throughout our operations, spanning from deal sourcing to ownership. As we continue to expand, our commitment remains unwavering in continuously reassessing and enhancing our ESG practices in line with the evolving market landscape and emerging best practices.

Focus SDGs

Through our investments, we take action to advance societal goals and the implementation of the SDGs. Celero Capital has the most significant impact on the achievement of the below SDGs:

Addressing climate change

Promoting non-discrimination and gender equality

Ensuring safe and sustainable work environments

Fostering sustainable consumption and production patterns

Upholding business ethics

These ESG priorities are critical to long term value creation within our portfolio, and we thus enforce these throughout the entire ownership cycle, expecting our portfolio companies to align their strategies and operations with them. We are committed to managing ESG risks and opportunities across all stages of our investment process, from screening and sourcing to ownership. We meticulously analyse each investment opportunity, not hesitating to pursue opportunities with inherent ESG risks if we see potential to address and mitigate these issues, thereby creating value for society and our investors.

Our commitments